Who am I???

Since summer of 2011 my mobility declined to the point that I could not walk more than a few meters and regularly fell over. I am  6ft tall and 18 stone so when I fall over you have to move out the way. Previous to this I was very active and use to walk everywhere. Now I can barely make it out of the house staying upright. I am mid 30s so I thought I had the rest of my life in front of me.

I have a rare Motor Neuron Disease called Primary Lateral Sclerosis. I originally started this blog  as I was fed up being stuck at home ill. Off sick from work and unsure when or even if I would return. No diagnosis and with each test it seemed like I was no nearer an answer. I wrote a load of posts over a year or two. Then as well as being ill my employer attempted to push me out without paying me the ill health pension I was entitled to. Other bad things were also going on. I decided I didn’t want to write about me any more and made all my posts private so no-one could read them.

Now though I am a bit happier over things and although I am still ill and disabled things are a bit better. Retired from work (Its a dream to retire in your 30’s, but probably not the way I did it) I now write what I want and don’t worry if people read it or what they think of it.

I hope through the blog to share my experiences and hear from other people. Please get in touch if you are reading my blog. You can follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/llgoatj where I would love to hear from you too. Please feel free to get in touch and if you want my e-mail address then feel free to ask. If you don’t like my blog or notice any spelling/grammar mistakes then please follow this link by clicking here


One thought on “Who am I???

  1. Hi. Just thought I’d introduce myself as I’ve been diagnosed with PLS variant MND too. Hope you are doing OK considering. I sometimes jokingly say I’ve won the MND lottery 🙂

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